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August 2nd

"Commander...tell me about your sexual organs"
This is the best segway ever.

"Right...Well it's pretty simple. The men inseminate the woman and the woman carries the baby."
"Our fetuses are incubated in fibrous husks which the parents inseminate."
She's been dying to get that line off her chest for hours; the length of the inter-galactic journey had so far been choked with musky alien tension. She shoots her best sexy eye at the commander and wades forward with more sexy talk, bludgeoning any romance to a violent death.

"From what we know of other species our method is less risky...and less painful"

(JULY 26th) WINNER of the creepiest of the week goes to...

The opening theme song to the 60's insanely popular kids show from, guess where? THATS RIGHT, fucking Japan. The show was called GeGeGe no Kitaro, originally a manga written by Shingeru Mizuki in 1959. This guy is pretty much responsible for all the crazy monsters that have come out of Japan over the past few decades by popularizing "yokai", which are Japanese folklore creatures i.e. the original pokemon. He was hugely influenced by the horrors he saw in WWII, namely watching friends die, losing an arm in an air raid, dealing with maggots infesting his wounds, becoming a PoW, and coming back to Japan to endure his brother's execution (for executing prisoners of war). He's also done mangas about Adolf Hitler. Anyways, Gegege no Kitaro follows this
yokai boy who was "born in a cemetery, has a missing eye (his hair covers up the empty eye socket), is over 350 years old, has spiny hair that he can shoot, a detachable romote-controller hand, and the ability to elecrocute his enemies". He's basically the original pikachu, except not quite as loveable. Oh, and his companion that follows him around everywhere is, ironically enough, an eyeball with arms and legs and is actually his dead dad. Anyways, this story is still being adapted into anime 50 years later and the original theme song pretty much embodies the child-friendly horror, creepiness, and badassery this show emits like a fucking sun. There's been many different theme songs over the years and they're all pretty cool.

100 Eye Goblin Episode!

(JULY 19th) WINNER of the creepiest of the week goes to...

Little Island is a Japanese company that has made it possible for you to get a doll with your own face on it and speak to you in your own voice, as well. You think that isn't very creepy? Look up an inch on your screen then. Look into that thing's soul penetrating eyes, look long and hard and try to reassure that poor lady that she won't be maliciously murdered the second she falls asleep in her room.

Honorable Mention
Footbinding. It only looks a little creepy in the first photo...until you see what their foot now looks like after it's been bidden into those miniature shoes since they were toddlers.


It looks hungry