Hardcore Dancing (which when you watch it, they're just punchin air, you've probably got a better chance of not getting hurt in one of those "mosh pit" than an actual circle pit because they're so silly)

The Algorithm Dance. (it is actually from a Japanese childrens show... for children... and they talk about algorithms... I dont even know what that is...)

Break Dancing... Child!


Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist baby

Standard Issue J-Pop Choreography

Bad Skanking


Dance Hall Ska Daning

Soundless Skank

This is possible the worst skanking video ever, but whats funny are the comments on youtube that go with it:

"aaahh god..."
"suck it"
"gaaaaaaaay as fuck"
"You call that skankin???
Punk white boy skankin"
"good job skunks"
"What the fuck are you doing?"

Response to Horrible Skankin

"LMFAO wtf is this ahahahahahaha that aint skankin "
"THE WORST skanking ever, a retard in a wheel chair can probly do better"
" lol, way too gay."
" What the hell! That aint skankin! They're right...a retard in a wheelchair COULD do better!"

"Skankin is about doin your own thing theres not fucking rules tis awesomes <3 (L) "
"You don't have a fucking clue do you? Get a life."